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Before the NFSA was enacted, there were three types of ration cards [3]: But the new approach of Soubhagya scheme is to make no discrimination based on the poverty line, but to go on the basis of households that do not have electricity connection.

Card numbers are inflated by those held under false or duplicate names, in the names of dead people, or by real but ineligible people. These households received 15 kilogram of food grain based on availability. The PDS computer system reads out the quantity eligibility and balance of each item in the local language.

The buyer pays the open market rate to the PDS shop. This service was first introduced in Delhi. The subsidy amount is credited as DBT to the eligible beneficiary.

These households received 35 kilograms of food grain. By August6. This approach is designed to improve the audit trailadd efficiency and prevent corruption.

Aadhaar card holders can apply for e-ration cards. Application Process[ edit ] Section 10 1a and 1b of the Bpl case 3 Food Security Act requires states governments to identify households to be covered under priority and AAY categories within Bpl case 3 year from the commencement of NFSA and place the list of identified eligible households in the public domain [2].

Attempts are then made to steal the social security benefits money, depriving genuine claimants. Seeding makes mapping information stored on the NPCI payment gateway that facilitates the subsidy payment.

The system is flexible and provides access and options to the public that was not seen before in PDS. Leakage and diversions of subsidized commodities provide no benefit to middlemen and retail corruption comes to a halt.

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Whoever is within the specified age bracket and is willing to get enrolled, can get covered. He has stated that if the cut off mark is fixed as 16 the total number of families would be 2, families against the total families of 8, which is lesser than the number of families indicated by Government of India viz.

Antyodaya AAY ration cards are issued to "poorest of poor" households. Each AAY household is entitled to 35 kilograms of food grain. These households received kilograms of food grain.

Ration card (India)

Above Poverty Line APL ration cards that were issued to households living above the poverty line as estimated by the Planning Commission. That is why some times the poverty lines have been described as starvation lines. In some states such as Bihar and Madhya Pradeshthe state governments used existing data such as the Socio-Economic Caste Census to identify households and issue new ration cards.

A computer prints a receipt showing all items purchased, balance items, money paid and subsidy amount. An approach to combat corruption is to attempt linkage with unique identity numbers, which is a controversial attempt currently under adjudication by a five-member Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court of India.

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The most common modus operandi adopted to inflate the beneficiary list is by inserting duplicate entries, non-existent names, and the names of dead and non-eligible people. Thus for 13 indicators, the tentative marks obtained by the families are from 0—52 for all the Districts. A bank account can be enabled as AeBA by seeding linking it with an Aadhaar number.

Priority ration card - priority ration cards are issued to households that meet the eligibility criteria set by their state government.

Below Poverty Line (India)

There are millions of ineligible and fraudulent ration cards; [5] at the same time, millions of poor families have no ration card.

The subsidy on kerosene allocation is reduced if the LPG subsidy is detected for that household. The Director of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj is requested to take necessary further action for finalisation of Below Poverty Line List for rural areas of this state as per the procedure laid down by Government of India.

For example, the people who put in manual work under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act need not belong to families below the poverty line. There are two types of ration cards under NFSA [2]: In the maternity benefit scheme renamed as Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana, there is automatic and universal coverage, without any mention of whether a pregnant woman is below the poverty line or not.

He has therefore recommended that the cut off marks to arrive at the number of Below Poverty Line families may be fixed at 17 so that no Below Poverty Line family gets left out of the list and requested orders of Government in this regard.

This means following a priority list for each scheme, rather than following a single list of identified families for all schemes. See Ministry of Women and Child Development at http: Each of the indicators have 0—4 marks. It eliminates middlemen and fraudulent, ineligible beneficiaries.

This will help end the corrupt practice of holding back rations and ensure cards reach the needy. Problems[ edit ] Many problems with the PDS ration system exist. If the cut off mark is fixed as 17 marks, then the total the number of Below Poverty line families would be 3,It has been about a month since the last earnings report for Buckeye Partners L.P.

BPL. Shares have lost about % in that time frame. Will the recent negative trend continue leading up to its. Priority ration card - priority ration cards are issued to households that meet the eligibility criteria set by their state government. Below Poverty Line (BPL) ration cards that were issued to households living below the poverty line.

These households received kilograms of food grain. Here is the best resource for homework help with BPL BPL at Baruch College, CUNY. Find BPL study guides, notes, and practice tests from Baruch.

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