Economic development and environmental degradation

If we are not careful, we can contribute to the environmental degradation that is occurring all around the world. Eliminating environmental pollution and recovering our ecology require more than a single effort to be successful.

You may also like: The consequence of transition from agriculture based economy to modern economy relying on industry and service is Vietnam has been struggling with evasive pollution due to expansion of industrial zones.

Within the same last two decades, we also see significant change in economic structure. Things like avalanches, quakes, tidal waves, storms, and wildfires can totally crush nearby animal and plant groups to the point where they can no longer survive in those areas.

Authority of all levels is one of leading factors in improving the bleak situation in industrial zones. Moreover, all indicators in relation to environmental degradation increase at the same time as does economic growth.

Most of the researchers studied data of air pollution and income per capita. Obviously, people have tendency to protect things better if they are their own assets. Impact on Human Health: Irrigation increases salt and nutrient content in areas that would not normally be affected, and damages streams and rivers from damming and removal of water.

Practical circumstance is much more sophisticated. In fact, cities with income per capita below 1. Government has long shaped its perception of economic, as well as social methods to solve the problem of pollution, but the implementation remains limited.

Human overpopulation The human population on Earth is expanding rapidly which goes hand in hand with the degradation of the environment at large measures.

Effects of Environmental Degradation 1. This results in deforestation which is another factor of environmental degradation. In heavily polluted areas, government should implement evacuation of production site from residential spots to avoid wide spread health problems, or suspend production activities of the culprits.

The huge cost that a country may have to borne due to environmental degradation can have big economic impact in terms of restoration of green cover, cleaning up of landfills and protection of endangered species.

The relationship between economic development and environmental degradation in Vietnam

We can very well see how the Kuznets Curve seems a thing so far away. Previous article in issue. Given the fact that on same route, they experience same opportunities as well as obstacles, so Vietnam can make use of this chance to learn from the pioneers.

Reservoirs are operated based on past hydrologic records, and irrigation systems on historical temperature, water availability, and crop water requirements; these may not be a reliable guide to the future. Ozone layer is responsible for protecting earth from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Apparently, this imprudent strategy creates imbalance between destroying rate and recovering rate, so however abundant natural resources are, they will definitely be running out soon.

However, most of its population are still working in agricultural area and most of its products are labor-intensive.

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The inference from some such EKC estimates that further development will reduce environmental degradation is dependent on the assumption that world per capita income is normally distributed when in fact median income is far below mean income. Joseph Stiglitz and many economists opine the looseness GDP tends to portray when the costs for such a thing as independent as economic prediction.The relationship between environmental degradation and economic development is a hush talk because not many leaders are comfortable talking about it.

The need for creation of cheaper products has swelled the sweat shop and orient run manufacturing industry. But the costs were rather huge. Theoretically, there is a kind of an inverted U-shape relationship between environmental degradation and economic development in Vietnam, however, whether it should be applied to the real situation is open to debate.

Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources such as air, water and soil; the destruction of ecosystems; habitat destruction; the extinction of wildlife; and is defined as any change or disturbance to the environment perceived to be deleterious or undesirable.

As indicated by the I=PAT. Economic Impact: The huge cost that a country may have to borne due to environmental degradation can have big economic impact in terms of restoration of green cover, cleaning up of landfills and protection of endangered species.

The economic impact can also be in terms of loss of tourism industry. In this paper we critically examine the concept of the environmental Kuznets curve (EKC).

It proposes that there is an inverted U-shape relation between environmental degradation and income per capita, so that, eventually, growth reduces the environmental impact of economic activity. Effects of Economic Development on Environmental Degradation Computational Project11/1/ [EFFECTS OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ON ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION] Declaration This is to certify that the material embodied in this present project is based on our original research work.

Economic development and environmental degradation
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