Enumerating the reasons why drugs should not be legalized

They will be forced to create companies or quit, and if they create companies they will have to answer to the law.

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Do you just add a tax to the drugs themselves, making them more expensive and driving users to cheaper, unregulated drugs? Well, like it or not, the same thing can be said for murder. The war on drugs is all talk and very little action, mostly because America lacks the will to take the action that needs to be taken if we are serious about ending drugs and their associated problems.

Now suppose after legalization we have 5 million users, with 1 million totally zonked. The money saved could then be spent on drug education, drug treatment, and law enforcement initiatives directed at more serious crimes. Most illegal drugs are no more harmful than legal substances, such as cigarettes and alcohol, and therefore, drugs should be treated the same as these other substances.

A more radical approach suggests legalization in other words, removal of drug offense from criminal codes as the only viable solution. This choice puts the criminal justice system at the center of a massive war on drugs. Second, there is the black market. Finally, note this essays strays from the strict patterns I offer for science writing.

It will affect overdosing, though. The problems that society already faces with the unemployed, homeless, criminals, and high school drop-out rate will simply increase. The argument based on the analogy between alcohol and tobacco versus psychoactive drugs is weak because its conclusion—psychoactive drugs should be legalized—does not follow from its premises.

If only things were so simple. Since crack is cheaper to produce, it is more prevalent in the poorer communities, and since blacks tend to be poorer, do the math.

Ten Reasons (Not) to Legalize Drugs

Making the production, supply and use of some drugs illegal creates a vacuum into which organised crime moves. Buy a drug from the furtive fellow on the street corner. Same drug, different presentation. How we deal with it is up to all of us to decide.Here are 5 reasons the United States should legalize some drugs, like marijuana: 1) Illegal markets and official corruption will disappear, organized crime will be destroyed.

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Drugs should not be legalized There are also many arguments against legalization. Legalization would increase the number of casual users which, in turn, would increase the number of drug abusers.

The resolution is "Should all drugs be legalized?" No, ALL drugs should not be legalized. This would increase dangers on the street, secondhand smoke, immorality, the population of law-enforcement officials, and number of deaths.

Home > Opinions > Society > Should all drugs be illegal? Add a New Topic. to the amount of drugs being processed in our culture. We should know better than to allow such things to happen.

Drugs Should Not be Legalized

Drugs should not be legalized, we would have more deaths and accidents happening. They are many more reasons why drugs are not good, why should people. Drugs should be legalized, the federal prison population would be cut in half.

Should Drugs Be Legalized?

Prison overcrowding is one of the biggest issues in the current judicial system but it does not get as much regular airtime as the offenders themselves.

Enumerating the reasons why drugs should not be legalized
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