Essay in favor of animal testing

Every decade, animal experimentation could be looked at in a different light and activists will always be there to defend animal rights.

Soon after this law was passed in Germany, many countries started to adopt the law along with new laws such as the ban on LD50 test and the Draize eye irritancy test. Many people are believed to be ignorant or misunderstand the nature of the lives that animals actually live, and are unable to understand the actual laboratory procedures and techniques.

It is often said that animals should not be used in testing because it is cruel and unnecessary. Animals Testing Essay - Model Answer Issues related to animal experimentation are frequently discussed these days, particularly in the media.

Many people are of the opinion that these experiments on animals should be banned as they are morally incorrect while there are others who stand for such tests, considering the myriad benefits to humanity. This alone represents a shift from a past view where animals had no moral status and treating an animal well was more about maintaining human standards of dignity than respecting any innate rights of the animal.

As a consequence, this testing may not be providing the safety that its proponents claim. This means you must look at both sides of the issue and you must also be sure you give your opinion too.

Animal Testing Essay

Federal laws do not exist. Also, anyone who handles the animals should be properly trained. Example Essays Free example persuasive essay on Animal Experimentation: This essay supports animal rights. By sharing these traits, they belong to a particular moral community and thus take on certain responsibilities toward each other and assume specific rights.

Some philosophers advocate the idea of a moral community.

Animal Testing: 2

Below, I will outline one of the more common arguments used to reach this conclusion. Ld50 is a lethal dose that painfully kills nearly 50 percent of the animals that it is injected into, and the Draize test which can cause blindness in rabbits.

Although it may improve the lives of humans, it is not fair that animals should suffer in order to achieve this. Our plain existence can influence the behavior of animals and disturb activities such as feeding, care- giving, and mating conduct.

Write at least words.Oct 23,  · Animal testing is the use of animals in biological, medical, and psychological studies. Human beings and many animals have similar organ systems and body processes. Free example persuasive essay on Animal Experimentation: Throughout history, animal experimentation has played an important role in leading to new discoveries and human benefit.

However, what many people tend to forget are the great numbers of animal subjects that have suffered serious harm during the process of experimentation.

The model answer for Animal Testing Essay Write about the following topic: Examine the arguments in favor of and against animal experiments, and come to a conclusion on this issue. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. The Ethics of Animal Experimentation. By Stephanie Liou 06 Jul, Animal Research, On closer scrutiny, there exists a wide range of positions on the debate over the ethics of animal testing.

The two views mentioned above represent two common positions at the opposing ends of the spectrum. This essay defends animal experimentation. Persuasive Essay: Animal Testing Animal testing has benefited human health.

Animal Testing Essay – Argumentative Essay Sample

People do not contract polio anymore because of a vaccine tested on animals. Advances in antibiotics, insulin, and other drugs have been made possible through research done on animals. Animal testing. Here you will find an example of an IELTS animal testing essay.

Animal Testing: 1

In this essay, you are asked to discuss the arguments for and against animal testing, and then give your own conclusions on the issue. This means you must look at both sides of the issue and you must also be sure you give your opinion too.

Essay in favor of animal testing
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