First week of reflection on student

The things I would change are small and easy changes to make, and the things I have learned are invaluable. When I stood right next to a student, they would immediately put their phones away or stop whatever negative behavior. This time I ask them to think about what they wrote earlier and to reflect on what they feel they have accomplished, where their expectations might have fallen short, and what they learned about their own learning in the process.

I have just re-read my Week One posting. This is a powerful statement to a student and seems so different from the classrooms in which I was a student. The Classes The amount of work you put in to each course is outstanding.

In the beginning of the semester, I was a little timid with my students, even while presenting them information that I know backwards and forwards.

This information will be anonymous. The first day was all I hoped it would be.

Reflection on my first week of school

Now we get down to business. In this way, they can grow in their sense of autonomy and self-efficacy.

First week of med school reflection

What content knowledge do you hope to gain by taking this class? The actual process of planning my lessons went smoothly as well. By reviewing the entire KWL chart, connections to both prior knowledge and new knowledge can be made more easily and therefore learning can be improved.

Did I provide adequate information and materials during class? This has helped me to gain more ownership of the class, and I can explain and describe to the class my expectations. I did not mind this.

Student Teaching Weekly Reflections

This makes it a challenge for me to be an effective teacher with these two classes. I am finding they are a good visual learning tool to accompany the reading and the writing exercises we do.

Reflection and the First Week of Classes

Why are you interested in this subject, or what prompted you to take this class? Because the students and I have invested so much time together, I feel it is in my interest to see how they finally do in the classes I have been teaching by this time.Aug 21,  · Be careful about what you say in group chats.

The administration at my school lectured us after they found out people were making fun of professors on. Its Friday.

The first week of the school year is over.

Student Reflection: A Tool for Growth and Development

This is a funny time of the year because you meet the "representative" of the student, not the student themselves. Towards the end of the first week, I hand out the Student Seating Plan Choice Cards.

These cards ask students to really reflect on themselves as a learner and take the. First Week Reflections Comments I am at a new school this year and so I am once again learning new routines of the collective culture of the school community as well as the various cultures of.

Through written reflections, students often shared things that confused them about the week’s content or lessons. They asked extended questions about the week’s objectives, or sought clarification on information shared during class lessons. Sep 01,  · Reflection for the Week: Two words that I would use to describe my teaching experience this week would be new and rambunctious!

My blog for this week will be focusing on the Illinois Professional Teaching Standard #5-Learning Environment.

First week of reflection on student
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