Hamlet through his foils laertes fortinbras and horatio essay

He is not Claudius. He is not a criminal; he could not deliberately kill in cold blood. He is a soldier prince, with little real power, since his uncle controls him and his country. While he is in distress, he encounters a ghost demanding revenge.

Thus the audience would note how Hamlet shows particular aspects of his own character and personality by behaving differently from others in a similar situation.

How is Laertes a foil to Hamlet? His father is killed during the action of the play. He then shows great pleasure in the fact that he, himself, will be able to deal Hamlet a fatal blow in a fencing match.

His father has been killed by Hamlet, so Hamlet must die at his hands.

Her new husband is someone Hamlet cares little for. Hamlet is in emotional turmoil. Certainly the invasion plan must have been many years in the making, but it was not well thought out and Fortinbras seems to have been willing to accept the alternative.

He prefers to spend his time in France, rather than at court. His father is dead and he wants revenge. Hamlet is a scholar; a philosopher. Hamlet is a royal prince of the Danish court. They are Laertes and Fortinbras. On top of that, his mother, rather than supporting her distraught son, and grieving as might be expected of a widow, has re-married in unnatural haste.

That is what Claudius did. The killer is Young Hamlet. He is careful not to act rashly. He shows no animosity towards Young Hamlet. Furthermore, being a thinker, he worries about right and wrong and their long-term effects. Unlike Fortinbras, he is not a natural soldier. He knows that Claudius is a criminal and that he deserves death, but Hamlet is not a natural killer.

They have a number of things in common with Hamlet, but they respond to their circumstances in markedly different ways. He wants to obey the royal ghost, but he is not as active and incisive as either Fortinbras or Laertes.

However, the killing is unintentional. All three are young men associated with royal courts of Scandinavia and all three lose their fathers in violent and inter-related ways. Copyright Tricia Mason Fortinbras and Revenge The audience is likely to gather that Young Fortinbras was just a child when his father died, but that he now intends to gain back the land then lost to Denmark.

It is as simple as that and requires no time for thought or consideration. He has not checked the details of the death or whether he has his facts right. Is Claudius genuinely guilty, or is the ghost really a devil, giving misleading information? Without his important father, Laertes may lose his status and his place at court.

There are two characters in the play who are obvious foils for Hamlet. He is a scholar, and would prefer to spend his time in Wittenberg, rather than at court, but may not go because the king wishes it that way. For a character to be a foil to Hamlet, he or she must have things in common with him in order for any differences to become more obvious.

His soliloquies confirm his confusion and concern.

It is a simple matter. He is trained to think things through, intelligently, considering all options, before making decisions. To be about to kill Claudius, without even checking if he were the culprit, indicates a complete lack of thought or planning. Desirous of land and battle, he instead agrees to fight a meaningless battle with Poland.

Fortinbras is a soldier and Laertes is hot-headed, so killing someone who deserved it would cause them no problems, but Hamlet is a decent man, who has been disgusted by all the wrongs that he has seen about him.- Horatio and Laertes as Foils in Hamlet Hamlet, Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare is a play about a man's revenge for his father's murder and all the tragedy that comes along with it.

The play takes us through the emotions and doubts Prince Hamlet finds within himself after speaking with the presumed ghost of his father, the. In Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, various character traits, exhibited by Hamlet, can be seen through his foils.

Similarities with Hamlet and Horatio’s education, as well as. Laertes and Fortinbras as Foils for Shakespeare's Hamlet Essay. Laertes and Fortinbras as Foils for Hamlet Hamlet, the major character in the Shakespeare play of the same name, was faced with a decision upon learning that Claudius murdered his father.

Hamlet and His Foils: Fortinbras and Laertes

Mar 07,  · Fortinbras is a royal prince of Norway, whose father was killed over a land dispute, many years before, by Old Hamlet. Like Young Hamlet, he did not attain his country's throne on the death of his father but, again as with Young Hamlet, it is his uncle who has become ultimedescente.coms: 6.

Laertes and Horatio as Foils for Hamlet In the play, Hamlet, Shakespeare uses a cast of characters that have many roles. Of this cast, Shakespeare uses two characters, Laertes and Horatio, as foils for Hamlet’s character.

A Compare/Contrast of Hamlet through his foils - Laertes, Fortinbras and Horatio. Words | 7 Pages It is without doubt that William Shakespeare has created many unique, thought - provoking characters.

Hamlet through his foils laertes fortinbras and horatio essay
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