How to write a no cost extension letter

If the sponsor requires, include a description of the work left to accomplished and an explanation for the funds remaining, if there is a significant amount unspent. The sponsor always retains the right to refuse a NCE request. The University may be required to obtain prior sponsor approval for an NCE, or the University may be able to extend the award expiration date without sponsor approval.

Justification for the extension Amount of anticipated funds after commitments Exception for NSF awards: NSF requires that notification of extensions be submitted via FastLane.

No-Cost Extensions

If the sponsor has not delegated approval authority to the institution, a written prior approval must be obtained by the sponsor. A few examples of sponsor deadlines for NCE Requests are provided below: GANCE requests typically take less time than requests requiring sponsor approval.

Extensions are sometimes needed to allow the principal investigator to successfully complete a project. The federal sponsor issuing the award does not waive prior sponsor approval for an NCE. An email should also be sent to the appropriate OSP Team mailbox to alert the team of this request.

It is best to request the NCE ahead of time to manage an orderly accomplishment of project work and to have a contingency plan in case the sponsor does not approve the extension. Procedures When to Request an NCE It is appropriate to request an NCE for an award that has an approaching expiration date if awarded funds still exist and all project objectives have not been accomplished.

If human subjects or animal research is occurring, it is essential to ensure that protocols are extended for the life of the award, including during the NCE period.

No Cost Extension (NCE)

The letter should clearly state the requested new award expiration date. Extensions may be requested only for programmatic reasons such as the work took longer than expected. Once the submit button is clicked, OSP is alerted that a notification is waiting to be processed.

An extension may not be granted solely because there is money left over. An example is provided below. This will allow the PI more time to complete the scope of work without requesting additional funds from the sponsor.

Once the request has been reviewed, confirmed, and approved, the request will be submitted to NSF via FastLane. The award is funded by a non-federal sponsor and the award terms do not explicitly state that the University can extend the expiration date without sponsor approval.

Sample No-Cost Extension (NCE) Request

An NCE may be requested by the Principal Investigator when all three of the following conditions are met: For NIH, request is due between days prior to award expiration.

Sponsor policy dictates how such a request should be made, and sponsor requirements for requesting an NCE vary. Please notify your ORSP Grant Specialist as soon as possible upon determining the need for an NCE Request in order to ensure adequate time for review, approval, and adherence to sponsor-specific guidelines and electronic systems.

The amount requested in the extension request appears excessive to the sponsor. Programmatic benefit must be justified. Anticipated Balance indicating the anticipated amount of funds remaining for the NCE period.

Funds remaining in the account is not a justifiable reason for requesting an extension. Unless sponsor specific guidelines exist for submission of a no-cost extension request, requests for extensions should be processed 30 days before the grant period ends, but no later than 10 days prior.Grantee-Approved No-Cost Extensions (GANCE) Some federal agencies issue awards with Research Terms and Conditions (RTC) that allow a first-time grantee-approved no-cost extension (GANCE) for a period up to 12 months after the original award expiration date.

In such cases SPO can establish a GANCE for the PI without prior agency. A No-Cost Extension (NCE) is an extension of the period of performance beyond the expiration end date of the award.

Extensions are sometimes needed to allow the principal investigator to successfully complete a project. To request a no-cost extension from a non-federal sponsor, the PI should write a letter addressed to the Program Support person stating the reason why an extension is necessary.

The letter should clearly indicate the sponsor’s award number and the requested expiration date. The letter must request a no-cost extension from Dr. Cèline Gèlinas as the Authorized Institutional Representative. The letter is signed by the PI and delivered to the Research Office.

If Dr. Gèlinas approves the extension, she will sign the letter and the investigator’s record in NIH Commons will be updated to reflect the new end date of the grant.

A no-cost extension may be used to extend the budget and project periods of an award for up to 12 months for appropriate reasons detailed below. Note: once a no-cost extension is in effect, the due. Re: No Cost Extension of Grant (fill in grant number, including current year) Dear (fill in name of Grants Management Specialist/Administrator): We would like to request an additional (fill in number of months up to twelve) no cost extension for (fill in PI’s name).

How to write a no cost extension letter
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