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The semi digested food passes from the duodenum into the Jejunum part of the small intestine. It consists of a mixture of segmentation movements and mass peristalsis which transfers the faecal material into the colon. Carbohydrates in the form of glucose are directly picked up by the blood vessels from the villi.

One of the greatest functions of large intestine is its capacity to move. It is relatively thinner than jejunum. The Carbohydrate foods which arc taken in the diet are rich in sucrose, lactose, starch, dextrin and cellulose.

The large intestine absorbs the substances which are not absorbed in small intestine as well as a large amount of water. Here the digestion of protein foods is completed. So they require simplification. The materials ultimately thrown out are called faeces which consist of undigested and un-absorbable portions of food.

Then it enters into the stomach which is a bag like expansion of Alimentary canal through the food -pipe or gullet. Human digestive system essay example juice is carried through pancreatic duct from pancreas to the duodenum.

Movements in the tract are essential for three reasons: Duodenum is the place where many peculiarities of movements are seen. It possess peristaltic and segmentation movements throughout the duct.

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Movements of Gastro intentional Tract is due to the presence of muscular tissue in the alimentary canal. The enzyme completes the digestion of protein foods.

The onward movement of the food is affected by means of waves of contraction of the intestines called peristalsis. Carbohydrates are composed of carbon, Hydrogen and oxygen. Proteins are absorbed by the blood vessels from the villi in the form of amino acids. Inside the stomach the gastric juice is mixed with the food by the rippling waves of peristalisis called tonus or mixing waves.

The enzymes present in the gastric juice cannot act upon Carbohydrate food for digestion. It converts maltase into dextrin. The excess amount of glucose is converted to glycogen and is stored in the liver for future use. These help in absorption by increasing the surface area.

Different parts of the alimentary canal have different kinds of movement. Peptones may also be absorbed from villi. From this place the absorption of simplified and digested food starts.

To push the food particles forward so that different digestive juices can be mixed properly with the food in different parts of alimentary canal.

Movements of Gastro Intestinal Tract: By the contraction and relaxation of the circular muscles attached to the food pipe or oesophagus, food propel forward to the stomach.

In this part of small Intestine the digestion of all the three types of foods are completed. Carbohydrates have been converted into maltose by salivary juice, other disaccharides by pancreatic juice and lastly mono-saccharides of glucose or simple sugar by Intestinal juice.

Ileum constitutes the last three fifth of small intestine. Simplified proteins are absorbed by the blood vessels from the villi as amino acids and carried to the liver via the portal circulation. Small amount of emulsified fats from water soluble compounds with bile, that are readily absorbed.

The enzyme ptyaline of saliva hydrolyzes starch into maltose and dextrins. Carbohydrate digestion is completed in the small intestine.Essay on The Digestive System of the Human Body - The digestive system is a very important system in the human body.

It is a group of organs that work together to. Digestive and Urinary Systems The digestive system and the urinary system are two very important systems for the human body. The digestive system helps use break down food to help nourish our bodies and give us energy.

Structures and functions of the Digestion System This essay aims to explain the structure and functions of the digestion. Essay about The Importance of Digestive System; The Human Digestive System Essay Words | 4 Pages. order to function have to be extracted from food and absorbed into the body.

The process responsible for this is known as digestion. Example? Because plant cells have tough cellulose cell walls and herbivore are not able to digest, they. In this essay we will discuss about the digestive system in humans.

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After reading this essay you will learn about: 1. Organs of Digestive System 2. The Digestive System essaysWe need food to gain energy in the body so that it is possible to live. Food stores nutrients that the digestive system breaks down and transport it to the organs in the body.

The digestive system is a process that breaks down food mechanically and chemically to give the c. The Human Digestive System Essay; The Human Digestive System Essay. The human digestive system has to be able to process our omnivorous feeding habits and diet, and has adapted this to function at an optimum level and is controlled by our autonomic nervous system by the brain.

Example? Because plant cells have tough cellulose cell walls.

Human digestive system essay example
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