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Too much water, and floods can occur, to little water and droughts can occur. By the beginning of December the low pressure area moves further south and by its end it passes out of the Bay limit into the equatorial belt, thus the change that begins in October is usually completed by mid-December.

Short Essay on Monsoon (Rainy Season)

Earth turns green in monsoon. Sometimes winter wave causes a lot of deaths too.

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This constant cycle between dry and wet season, or Indian monsoon, greatly influences the activities and culture of this region. There remains a catch: Generally after the passage of a depression the monsoon weakens and the rains slacken. Rainy season is the best time to plant new trees too.

Rubber trees require uniformly high temperature and regular rainfall all the year round. Rain is caused by condensing water vapor in the air. It has been predicted that climate change will increase the intensity of these tropical cyclones.

About seventy percent of our population depends on agriculture. New plants sprout and grow, old trees get a new life. Sometimes people die from the heat wave. They are heavy and dense shower clouds with tops spread out in the form of an anvil.

This is a trend that takes place the fundamentals of the Indian economy closer to the developed economies. The development of agriculture has much to do with the economic welfare of our country. The monsoons associated with other continental masses are not so marked as the Indian monsoons.

Living in a region with a monsoonal climate has particular implications, and especially with a fast growing and dense population, as in the case of India.

These wind changes are caused due to differential annual heating and cooling of continents and adjoining oceans. In India, we get rainfall for around months. This brings an estimated million dollars loss on properties.

Accordingly, The film invites the audience to celebrate marriage and love. Conclusion This movie is full of vivid colours and music, representing and symbolising the traditions of India. High temperature and heavy rainfall in the summer months are important for the growth of different types of kharif crops in different parts of India.

But in cases of floods, the crops go under the water and are destroyed. On the other hand the opposite happens during dry season. A significant portion of monsoon rainfall over the greater portion of India is closely associated with movement of cyclonic depressions from the Bay of Bengal.

So the production also follows the same pattern being under target in the monsoon deficient areas whereas bumper production in the abundant monsoon areas.

People enjoy the festivals in this season. It is also a good time for trips.

Summer, Winter, Rainy Season in India – 10 Lines/Sentences Essay in English

As the depression moves from the head of the Bay of Bengal towards the coast, a belt of heavy rainfall extends to the southern and south-eastern parts of West Bengal and lower Assam.

This scene verifies how India applies different cultural symbolism in selecting colours compared with other cultures.

It is a white or grey layer cloud sometimes seen in the form of rolls or round globules.But the turning point was the introduction of high yielding variety of seeds which made the dependence on monsoon much less.

The genetically modified seeds increased India’s production from tonnes to tonnes in a span of just one year. Mar 07,  · Indian cities should use rainwater harvesting to save water.

In the rural area, we can use Paanlot method to same water. I love rainy season a lot. Short Speech Essay on Rainy Season in India (Monsoon) in English. After long and hot summer, the first drizzle of rain brings back smile on our faces.

The smell of soil after that drizzle is /5(8). Monsoon wedding”(), an award winning movie, directed by mira nair. Features widely known Indian actors, such as Vasundhara Das, Naseeruddin Shah and Vijay Raaz. The film is based on the autobiographical account of Mira Nair’s own family.

(Manish Gajjar ) It is about a stressed father, a bride-to-be with a secret, a smitten events [ ]. Essay Composition On Indian Agriculture Monsoon And its impact For WBCS Main Exam India is an agricultural country. About seventy percent of our population depends on agriculture. Essay on Monsoon!

Meaning of Monsoon: The word Monsoon is derived from an Arabic word which means season. Monsoons are systems of seasonal wind which blow with consistency and regularity from oceans to continents in summer and in the reverse direction in winter.

Essay on Indian Seasons ; The Distribution of Winds and Rainfall over India in. Category: Monsoon India Society Culture Essays Papers; Title: The Effect of the Monsoon on the Indian Society in Cochin, Kerala.

Essay Composition On Indian Agriculture Monsoon And its impact For WBCS Main Exam

My Account. The Effect of the Monsoon on the Indian Society in Cochin, Kerala.

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Essay on Nair's Techniques in film Monsoon Wedding.

Indian monsoon essay
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