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In addition to considering this question, we will pay special attention to how the works we study portray relationships among different US Latino groups and between Latinos and other US ethnic and minority groups. We will be using the cinematic representations of all sorts feature films, documentaries, TV mini-series etc.

Without celebrating the slums, there is much to learn from slums for the society at large. Two papers, class presentation, regular participation. Creative Writing Workshop Poetry; Fiction; Creative Nonfiction, respectively three quarters in a home-genre writing workshop. Writing Faculty Learn from a faculty of esteemed writers in small-group workshops where instructors facilitate discussions that help students examine and address strengths and weaknesses in their writing as well as open up possibilities for re-thinking and revising.

This course will take a look at two extended moments: In the twenty-first century, those presumptions changed again, both because of the changing geopolitical status of the U.

LIT Contemporary Adaptation Courses in literature-to-film adaptation often emphasize canonical and historically distant works by such authors as Shakespeare, Austen, or the Victorians.

Where does she come from? Nonetheless, there are some great options. This seminar will focus on the fact that a significant part of creative cultural production films, TV series, music, novels, comics etc takes place against backdrop of slums or slum life.

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Students will receive full financial support for three academic years and two summers. Oberlin College A small liberal arts school in Ohio, Oberlin offers very different advantages than the schools above do. This course may count towards the Comparative and World Literature or Interdisciplinary Studies specializations in the master of arts in literature and advanced graduate study certificate programs.

Students examine the tensions between realist and mythic representations of the modern city in such writers as Balzac and Baudelaire, as well as the city as a site for the invention of "modern myths" expressing the utopian and dystopian aspects of modern life in the work of surrealists such as Aragon.

Master of Arts and Fine Arts in Creative Writing

We will complete our work with a films by female filmmakers working in the last half century. What draws crowds to the cinema? University of Michigan University of Michigan is one of the best state universities in the country and has a top-notch MFA program. Our primary materials include films, novels, and essays on consumer society and everyday life in the modern world, the situation of women and feminine desire in patriarchal society, and calls for revolutionary change in various arenas, including everyday life, language, and desire.

The project may be one long piece or a series of shorter pieces. In this course we will read novels and watch films that help to constitute, perpetuate, and challenge normative scripts of what constitutes good mothering.

This course offers an introduction to science fiction literature and film in Latin America. This large-scale project supplements the smaller-scale study of craft with the invaluable experience of creating a larger work.

LIT Comp Lit:ART. CRAFT. BUSINESS. VISION. COMMUNITY. Our two-year MFA in Writing for the Screen and Stage is founded upon these five principles, principles that have also guided Northwestern's highly successful undergraduate Creative Writing for the Media Program.

Students will receive both an MFA in Creative Writing and an MA in English; students are expected to complete a book-length thesis project and a substantial essay on literary texts.

The program also offers opportunities for students to learn how to teach creative writing and edit a literary journal. The Northwestern SPS master's in creative writing offers an MA or MFA track.

Choose one of three specializations in poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction. Prepare for a career in writing, teaching, and/or advanced graduate studies at Professional Development · Fine Arts · Detailed Information · Distinguished Faculty.

MFA in Writing for the Screen and Stage

Accelerate your career with a Master of Science in Information Technology from % On Campus · Full-time or Part-time · Small Class Size · Robust Alumni NetworkCourses: Communications Networks, Strategic Marketing, Law of IT, IS - Risk Management. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Northwestern University, where she received the Distinguished Thesis Award for her poetry manuscript, One Voice May Survive The Other.

Creative Writing.

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Northwestern university mfa creative writing
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