Sociology and the other academic disciplines

However, sociologists continue to emphasize the intellectual autonomy of the field of sociology.

How Does Sociology Differ From Other Social Science Disciplines?

It is left to Sociology to study interrelations between these elements of social life, and by utilising the results arrived at by, special sciences to given an interpretation of social life as a whole.

Sociology and the other academic disciplines and Political Science: Criminology and Penology are its important branches.

Contributions of many Anthropologists like R. Political Science deals with organised communities only. History is the store house of knowledge from which Sociology gained a lot. History supplies facts which are interpreted and co-ordinated by the sociologists.

Sociology is thus of considerable help to economics in providing specific data into which economic generalisations may be fitted.

They often appear as two names for the same subject. Anthropology provides knowledge about ancient societies. They have made us aware of the inter-play between climate and topography and the various aspects of the physical environment on the one side and the political and economic, technological and cultural phenomena on the other.

But Economics deals with economic activities of man. In fact the historical part of Sociology is identical with Cultural Anthropology. The scope of Sociology is thus much wider than that of economics; ii Sociology has a comprehensive viewpoint.

There are some problems which are being studied by both sociologists and economists. There is an economic aspect, legal aspect, an aesthetic aspect, a religious aspect, a political aspect, and so forth. Sociology and Psychology are very closely interlinked interrelated and interdependent. Catlin has remarked that political science and sociology are two facets or aspects of the same figure.

Sociology, therefore, can understand social life as a whole by taking help from other social sciences which study exclusively one or the other aspects of human activity.

The fact, however, remains that geography is a contributing, if not a determining, factor of human progress and, therefore, the relation between Sociology and Geography is intimate.

Sociology on its part inspires biology to search knowledge in new directions, for example, the need to limit the population has led to search for the means of birth control. Similarly, psychology depends on Sociology to comprehend itself fully.

It also tries to find out the causes of past events. Anthropology thus devotes its attention entirely to the study of man and his culture as they developed in times long past. It also studies the past political, social and economic events of the world.

It is a science that deals with social groups. Since their times, economic determination Economic conditions have a determining influence over the social has found a significant place in the theories of many social scientists seeking to explain this vital phenomenon.

One of the pioneers of modern social geography was a Frenchman Le Play who in his important study of European workers had developed the thesis that locality determines work and thus has a great influence on the economic organisation of the family and this social institutions of the people.

For the solution of social problems like dowry, suicide etc. In the same way, some of the conclusions drawn by sociologists have also helped the anthropologists. With this in mind, we must use the tools of sociology to measure patterns of behavior in society.ADVERTISEMENTS: Relation of Sociology with Other Social Sciences!

It endeavours to study the social life as a whole. But the social life is so complex that it is impossible to isolate social problems from the whole range of human experience. ADVERTISEMENTS: The life of man is many-sided.

There is an economic aspect, legal aspect, an [ ]. Part 1. What is Sociology? In order for you to understand more about human society, you should first become acquainted with the discipline of sociology. Sociology is an academic discipline that is part of the social sciences.

This includes such disciplines as: psychology. An academic discipline or field of study is a branch of knowledge, taught and researched as part of higher education.A scholar's discipline is commonly defined by the university faculties and learned societies to which he or she belongs and the academic journals in which he or she publishes research.

Disciplines vary between well-established ones that exist in almost all universities and have. Sociology is distinct from other academic disciplines in its attempt to detect patterns in how different societies respond to similar phenomena. According to Karl. The Relationship of Sociology with Other Social Sciences!

Outline of academic disciplines

Sociology is a science of society. As a social science it attempts to study social life as a whole. But for the understanding of social life as a whole sociology requires the help of other social sciences which studies a particular aspect of.

Sociology examines social interactions and human society as a whole, while other social sciences focus on more specific areas of social interaction Other social sciences include economics, political science and psychology, among others.

Sociology can be defined as the use of scientific methods to.

Sociology and the other academic disciplines
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