The creative writing the mailman

I also like this worksheet because it encourages you to think outside of the box of calligraphy styles that already exist. Write a version of that letter that fits each adjective on the worksheet. Wifi password information that doubles as artwork makes a great addition to guest bedrooms!

No matter what projects you work on this year, resolve to pick out at least three positive things about each project upon finishing. If you have the funds, a new art or calligraphy supply can spur hours of creativity and experimentation!

Sharing your work can gain you encouragement and feedback. Approaching must-do tasks with a willingness to be creative can make the tasks genuinely enjoyable! Treat Yourself The way I see it, there are two ways to treat yourself with creativity.

Many artists and calligraphers of all levels covet the Finetec Golds palette! Email One of the secrets to success in any endeavor is to keep things interesting!

Next time you have to send a check, try making some mail art to put it in. You may get people asking for commissions, or you could garner a cool opportunity like a feature in a magazine.

Five Creative Goals for 2018

Sure, the letter slants are all over the place, but that gives the piece a pleasant, casual look! Try to make every one of your creative calligraphy letters unique from the others! Sketchbook journals offer a great place to organize and glue things that you like. The Creative Calligraphy Challenge worksheet is free — you can find it by clicking here.

So, there you have it: You may create a letter that you really like, and you can make a whole alphabet that echoes the style of that letter!

This is one of my envelopes from If mail art is your thing, you need to be careful about sharing private information like address details on social media. You never know, too, what kind of doors will open when you post your creative endeavors.

Thanks so much for reading TPK, and enjoy the rest of your day! You can then use lettering and artistic techniques to emphasize concepts like the illustrated Monopoly man shown here. Remember, the year is young, and you have it in your power to make it your best yet!

You can pick and choose which ones suit you, and perhaps integrate those goals in your goal list! Collections of inspiration will come in handy when you have time to get creative, but you have no idea what to make!Five Creative Goals for January 16, by Lindsey Bugbee Comments Welcome!

I'm Lindsey, the designer + illustrator + calligrapher behind The Postman's Knock. I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it! Read More. I Want To Learn About I also hope to inspire my 5 year old to practice writing letters as.

The Postman is a public servant. He plays an important role in the society. He wears a khaki uniform. He gets up very early in the morning He goes to his office daily. The Creative Calligrapher May 7, · Having perfected the art of calligraphy before I reached my teens, it started as a hobby which I have carried on and my passion for artistic writing has travell ed through to my adulthood.

The Jolly Postman and other peoples letters By Janet and Allan Ahlberg Published by Puffin Books. A Listening / Creative Writing / Art activity for children aged years.

A Creative Calligraphy Challenge

I have taught a combined listening /creative writing /art lesson using this book with hundreds if not thousands of children. This list will be used by Creative Writing Staff to inform students, faculty, and other members of the public about events and opportunities of interest in Creative Writing.

The Creative Calligraphy Challenge worksheet is free — you can find it by clicking here. Next, pick any letter of the alphabet. Write a version of that letter that fits each adjective on the worksheet.

The creative writing the mailman
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