The dark knight scene analysis

It turns out, Harvey knows that his grand gesture is baseless and doomed to failure, but has a long-term political goal. Finally the jokers precautionary method of pulling grenade pins on all of the hostages shows his intelligence and careful planning by which he kills off all of the other robbers leaving him with all the money.

Again, it comes down to an issue of trust — this new breed of criminals is just not trustworthy. The force and density of this sequence often leads people to believe that the Joker is actually the protagonist of The Dark Knight, as he seems to set events into motion.

Through all the murders of the various clowns it tells the audience that a theme of the film will be betrayal. The fact that his list of suspects are Elvis, Abe Lincoln, and the Sasquatch, suggest he is a curmudgeon and apathetic towards his job, foreshadowing his later actions. In order to keep from tearing itself to shreds, society needs to believe in the incorruptibility of good and the relative remoteness of evil.

Across town, the Joker meets up with the Chechen. Seeing this is getting him nowhere, Gordon leaves the room and Batman, whose magical powers at entering rooms have become quite proficient, takes over and beats the Joker savagely. It cuts to a close up of one of the clowns although we do see the other two in the background.

The Joker exits the building and, as promised, blows up the hospital behind him before driving off in a bus filled with patients who were being evacuated.

A Short Film Analysis of The Dark Knight

Likewise, we had seen the Joker and Two-Face many times before; here they retained some of their pulp nature but became symbols. His suit, although custom made, is filthy and ragged, and there is a sense of history about him — the makeup, the scars — that feels lived-in and precise.

At MCU, Gordon and his men use every possible safety precaution in dealing with their precious arrest, and as usual, this only foreshadows how much the Joker will inevitably outsmart them all.

Over at Wayne Enterprises, a scene occurs that, as usual, has three different purposes: He reluctantly agrees to issue the needed warrant. There is only one other option left. A short montage goes by introducing us to all of the characters. We also meet, briefly, detectives Wuertz and Ramirez, who will become important later on.

Despite Batman meaning well in returning it to him, seeing its scared side ends up being a painful reminder of her fate. Did he come to in his own apartment later that night?

Can Bruce continue living this lifestyle? To some people, The Dark Knight contains some sort of a political message. He is applauded, as popular as ever, and led to a car. When showing what the criminals are doing, the camera is carefully positioned to show all the members of the robbery, with a two shot on the roof and a slightly to the right over the The dark knight scene analysis shot from the back of the vehicle.

When a character has no values that you as a viewer can relate to and hold on to, the results are extremely disorienting. Gordon quickly tries to prevent the assassinations, but fails.

Two men, named Harvey and Dent, have been killed — somehow — by the Joker, or his men in any case, for the sole purpose of the Joker issuing a threat against the life of the Mayor. Batman heads out to search for the Joker while Fox locates him via the big cell-phone sonar thingy.

The Joker retaliates by dropping Rachel out the window and Batman jumps out after her. Lots of hardware such as guns and grenades are used in the intro to further establish fear into the eyes of the public and ensure their co-operation.

Bruce reflects that turning himself in is in a sense a way of reaching his ultimate goal of retiring and letting Dent be his legitimate successor; yet ironically, being in jail will keep him from being with Rachel, the person he wanted to retire for.

But the apparent relative ease with which Joker does this is what makes the Dent storyline strike so close to home: With a backwards over the shoulder shot which shows the criminal get shot, once the criminal falls, the manager is shown with a shotgun in his hands.

Lucius tells Reece to check his figures again, a piece of punishing busywork that will have grave repercussions later. Reese comes out of the car and recognizes his savior. That night, Harvey and Rachel are out dining when Bruce shows up with a blond ballerina. In the middle of the action a cutaway is used to show the other criminal get shocked by the bank itself when trying to open it up.

Evil is surmountable, but never truly vanquished. Once in Hong Kong, Fox visits Lau on the pretense of continuing their negotiations, and leaves a sonar cell phone in the building.

The office is a direct contrast to this; it is cluttered with desks, filing cabinets and papers. The Chechen, a Gotham crime lord from Chechnya, is having a meeting with a drug dealer in the upper level of a parking garage.

We will, of course, never know how the Joker got his scars, he most likely has an endless supply of stories to tell people.The Dark Knight Opening Scene Analysis Editing and Sound This opening scene is a tense thriller, therefore the sound is a build up to one event, there is evidence.

Oct 11,  · The Dark Knight () Opening Scene Analysis 'The Dark Knight' is most renowned for its dark vigilance and award winning script, 'The Dark Knight' is a successor to the other award winning 'Batman Begins', which introduced the entirely new dark theme to the batman series created in Christopher Nolan’s deep minded head.

'The Dark Knight' was. Batman: the Dark Knight Rhetorical Analysis Words | 7 Pages. Justice vs.

The Dark Knight (2008)

Terrorism “The Dark Knight,” a movie directed and produced by Christopher Nolan, depicts the way a. The story of THE DARK KNIGHT isn’t entirely about Batman, nor is it entirely about the Joker.

It’s about Harvey Dent. This isn’t your typical Good vs. Evil or Batman vs. Joker story. The Dark Knight Opening Scene Analysis The Dark Knight is a fantasy movie that again, is grounded in reality. It's a story about and evil set around the comic book hero Batman. The Alcott Analysis: The Dark Knight — The Beat.

The dark knight scene analysis
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