Thesis and abstract academic performance of elementary pupils in science vi

To facilitate the use of integrative teaching method, a proposed instructional manual, supplementary materials, teaching learning aids, and workbook must be sufficiently provided by the system. Data were treated statistically using frequency count, percentage rank order, mean, standard deviation, proficiency level, average weighted mean, chi-square, and Kendall Coefficient of Concordance W.

Similar studies should be conducted in other districts in other grade levels and include other subject areas. In English, Central zone had the highest proficiency level of Difficulty in making Integrative lesson, Poor assistance by the school heads 3.

The alternative hypothesis was accepted. Of those, five were considered to be very much urgent. It drew out the academic performance of the pupils along Science, Mathematics, and English. The test of Significance of agreement on the Rank orders of the level of effectiveness of Integrative teaching had a coefficient of concordance and a computed X2 of 0.

The coefficient of concordance to determine the significance of agreement on the Rank Orders of the problems was 0. There were ten solutions formulated to solve the problems.

Of the nine problems identified to have been encountered by the teachers in using the Integrative Approach, the two which were considered to be very serious are: Considering their weighted mean in descending order were: Teachers should be effective facilitators of learning 4.

The importance and significance of integration in empowering the learners for lifelong learning which is generally the overall aim of the curriculum should be emphasized.

The findings drawn from this study are: Its effect was perceived by the teachers teaching the three different subject areas. The appropriate time allotment should be provided in the integrative teaching learning period of different subject areas in order to have enough time to attain and realize the objectives in getting along with integration.

Documentary analysis was also employed since the results of Division Mathematics, English, and Science Tests were used as the source of data.

With a combined weighted mean of 4. Since the sources of subject matter also depend upon the resourcefulness of the teacher, and with difficulty in making integrative lesson plans, the teacher prefers to use the uniform lesson plans which possibly can be based on the model for all teachers.

Significance level was pegged on 0.

The level of effectiveness of Integrative Approach in teaching the three subject areas obtained a weighted mean of 4. The alternative hypothesis was accepted in terms of lesson plan and Values Integration but rejected in objectives and strategies.

In order for teachers to be more effective in integrative teaching, they should improve their communication arts skills and fluency, they should uplift themselves in a refreshing self — study course or by enrolling in the graduate studies and by subscribing to reading materials related to improve communications arts skills.

The research subjects were 1, Grade VI pupils while the teacher-respondents were 25 coming from the five sectors of Ragay. Recommendations for Future Research 1. The solutions that were considered to be very much urgent by all zones were about the effectiveness of teachers as facilitators of learning and manage the condition of learning, and that teachers should be competent and innovative in preparing the integrative activities and evaluation of learning to attain the objective of integrative teaching, the attitudes of teachers, and the provision of sufficient instructional manual, workbook, and teaching-learning aids and workbook to facilitate the teaching of instructional technology as a method.

English, Science, and Mathematics. Recommendations Based on the conclusions of the study, the following recommendations are offered. To facilitate the teaching of IT as a method, a proposed instructional manual 4.

Integrative teaching as a method should be included as subject in education courses. Follow — up trainings, seminars, and demonstration teaching on integrative teaching must strictly be emphasized.ROLES OF PARENT ON THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF PUPILS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS Adewumi Moradeke Grace Computer Science Department, College of education, Ikere Ekiti, Nigeria College of Education, Ikere Ekiti, Nigeria ABSTRACT Parent has vital roles to play in the life of a child.

The involvement of a parent on a child positively affects. ABSTRACT Title of Thesis: THE INFLUENCES OF CLASSROOM CHARACTERISTICS AND TEACHER-STUDENT RELATIONS ON STUDENT ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT Phuong Anna Vu, Master of Arts, MULTIGRADE ELEMENTARY CLASSROOMS AND STUDENTS IN ABSTRACT This study compared the academic achievement of students in grades Also the total number of pupils in a combined grade sets limits to the selection of teaching methods, (p.

9). Thesis And Abstract Academic Performance Of Elementary Pupils In Science Vi. SEANJAMES TITLE The Addiction of Grade Five Pupils to Computer Online Games that Affect the Academic Performance Among Elementary Pupils of Oton Central Elementary School from School year – Objectives of the Study The main objective of the study is to ascertain the factors that contribute.

parents’ marital status and pupils’ performance. The conclusions were that level of education of parents of pupils in the said schools led to low performance of pupils in primary schools in Paidha Town Council but level of family income and parents’ marital status had.

Academic Performance of 4ps Pupils. AND THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF ELEMENTARY PUPILS IN CABULISAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, INOPACAN DISTRICT S.Y. Introduction Research Questions This economic paper seeks to determine the 4P’s program and the academic performance of the Elementary pupils.

Thesis and abstract academic performance of elementary pupils in science vi
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