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However, by upgrading a Flexi fare you lose some flexibility, as if you need to change your ticket your upgrade will also need changing — see the section virgin points upgrade business plan changes and limitations below. Like Elevate and Getaway fares, confirmed upgrades can be requested online and over the phone, plus at the airport for frequent flyers and paid-up Virgin Australia Lounge members under virgin points upgrade business plan same time frames as above.

Some of the people who emailed me were unhappy. If, however, your Saver fares have to be paid for by someone else then using points to upgrade could be worth it. On shorter flights like Sydney-Melbourne or Sydney-Brisbane, the asking price is 10, points per passenger, per flight on both Getaway and Elevate fares: Using Virgin Australia Platinum upgrade certificates Velocity Platinum members receive four complimentary upgrade certificates each year which can turn a Freedom fare into a business class seat at no charge.

All upgrades are confirmed immediately if there is space available, including for international flights which is a win versus Qantas Frequent Flyer. The changes brought in E, Q and X to the ticket classes that can be upgraded. In my view, upgrades from Saver fares are not going to be worth it when you have a choice to book your trip using points outright, as the costs are not too far off those incurred from just booking the flight using points in the first place.

These top-tier members can also upgrade other travellers to The Business on Abu Dhabi or Los Angeles flights, but only when travelling together. The only exceptions to this rule are Velocity Any Seat bookings, where travellers can upgrade using points or Premium Bid as if they were travelling on a regular paid fare.

You might think that an Economy ticket is an Economy ticket. In addition, Gold and Platinum members can only upgrade other members travelling with them, or themselves. This is less fun and way more expensive to upgrade for those travelling on multi-city itineraries.

Does this mean full redemptions will increase in price? However for short-haul international flights you can only upgrade from Flexi fares, with no saver option available. How to use Velocity points for upgrades on Virgin Australia was last modified: But what is happening to upgrade prices? Similarly, booking class H in Premium Economy can also now be upgraded using miles.

Here are the current upgrade prices: Otherwise, if you need a Flexi fare for any reason, then upgrading using Velocity points becomes cheaper. For the first time, it is likely that the average leisure traveller in Economy may have a ticket class they can upgrade.

Economy to Premium Economy jumps from 10, to 15, miles, one way Premium Economy to Upper Class jumps from 10, to 20, miles, one way Economy to Upper Class jumps from 20, to 35, miles, one way However, as I said at the top of the page, you need to see these in context.

When in doubt, contact Virgin Australia before purchasing your economy ticket to confirm whether premium economy upgrades are available on your chosen flight. Additionally, these top-tier Velocity members can upgrade any travel companions to premium economy who are joining them on the same flight, pending availability at the time of the request.

Virgin Atlantic increases miles needed for upgrades but makes them easier to achieve

Within 24 hours of wheels-up, the airline will assess your bid, and choose to either accept or decline your offer. Virgin giveth, and Virgin taketh away ….

Points Upgrades: Virgin saying no to most International

By 24 hours before wheels-up, the airline will assess your bid and choose to either accept or decline your offer. If a family member holds their own Velocity Gold or Platinum card but the points are in your account, you could always transfer your points across and have them request their own upgrade.

When you factor that in, the two scenarios above are not so far apart in terms of costs and Chris Chamberlin | March 12, Premium economy upgrades are a terrific way to use your Virgin Australia Velocity frequent flyer points on the airline's long Boeing flights to Los Angeles.

Virgin Atlantic is increasing the number of miles needed to upgrade flights using Flying Club miles - but this may actually a good deal for you! Virgin Flying Club increases costs of upgrades Head for Points. Using Flying Club miles, which you can create from shopping, flying, spending with your credit card or transferring points from Amex, Chase or Citi to upgrade with miles is almost always your best bet, when available.

I Want To Upgrade Using Miles, How Do I Know If That’s Available?

Virgin Australia premium economy upgrade guide

Virgin Atlantic make this super easy. For example, the Saver upgrade from Sydney to Brisbane would be 10, points (plus the cash cost of your Saver ticket), while an outright Business redemption would be 13, points. If, however, your Saver fares have to be paid for by someone else then using points to upgrade could be worth it.

Alaska's award-winning Mileage Plan is now the sole loyalty program for Virgin America and Alaska Airlines. As a new Mileage Plan member, get ready for more rewards, and an even bigger network with more global destinations. This page tells you the three ways you can upgrade your seat before your flight: paying for an upgrade, using your Flying Club miles, or bid for an upgrade using our online upgrade auction.

If you would like to know more about the differences between our cabins, visit this page.

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Virgin points upgrade business plan
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