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But the use of the library was restricted to the superior officers of the Government. These classes continued even after the departure of Borden. The new amalgamated library, called Imperial Library, was formally opened to the public on 30 January at Metcalfe HallKolkata.

Since the building is of historical and cultural importance, ASI has decided to bore a hole through the wall instead of breaking it. William Allenson Bordena disciple of Melvil Dewey to create a cadre of men for the newly established libraries in the state library system.

Inthe structure was changed. As a result, the study of library science has moved from the work-setting to professional schools in Universities. He started the second educational course of three month duration in library science in the year On 1 February the National Library was opened to the public.

This course was recognized as equivalent to the university diploma courses.

National Library of India

Inanother training class for working librarians of town libraries was started. The classes covered a module on running adult education classes in addition to library technique. Due to the efforts of the Calcutta Public Library, the present National Library has many extremely rare books and journals in its collection.

It continued till A training course for the staff working in various government organizations was started in Access to the National Library main reading room Bhasha Bhavan is strictly controlled.

The Calcutta Public Library had a unique position as the first public library in this part of the world. Science Course for the first time in the country. He decided to amalgamate the rich collection of both of these libraries.

The programme of Master of Library Science was introduced as a two year course with the first year leading to Bachelor of Library Science.

Of those, the most important and interesting was the library of the Home Departmentwhich contained many books formerly belonging to the library of East India CollegeFort William and the library of the East India Board in London. After the independence the Government of India changed the name of the Imperial Library as the National Library, and the collection was shifted from The Esplanade to the present Belvedere Estate.

The Gazette of London reported, "It is intended that it should be a library of reference, a working place for students and a repository of material for the future historians of India, in which, so far as possible, every work written about India, at any time, can be seen and read.

For that they need to fill in an application form available on the National Library website and get it attested by a Government Gazetted officer. Prince Dwarkanath Tagore was the first proprietor of that Library. In India the existence of in service training was initiated by John Macfarlane, the first librarian of the Imperial Library Now National Library at Calcutta fromas mentioned in some reports.

That was a non-governmental institution and was run on a proprietary basis. Such a well-organized and efficiently run library was rare even in Europe during the first half of the 19th century. He noticed both the libraries—Imperial Library and Calcutta Public Library—were under-utilized for the want of facilities or restrictions.

The Madras Library Association also organized a regular certificate course in library science from This and donations of books from individuals formed the nucleus of the library. Discovery of hidden chamber[ edit ] Inthe Ministry of Culture, the owner of the library, decided to get the library building restored by the Archaeological Survey of India ASI.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Donations were regularly made by individuals as well as by the government.

Public Library of India

In subsequent years, the training programme was opened to the staff of other libraries and even those interested in librarianship who deal with books and other documents. It is open between 9 am and 8 pm on all working days and between 9. The ground-floor room, about sq.

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First Course of Library Science in India: There are speculations about the room being a punishment room used by Warren Hastings and other British officials, or a place to store treasure. Metcalfe Hall had earlier been the home of the Governor-General ; Wellington, Cornwallis and Warren Hastings had lived in the building, and the last-named had fought a duel with a member of his governing committee on its grounds.

But, gradually the tasks performed by librarians became more complex and more dependent on technology.Sign in - Google Accounts. The National Library on the Belvedere Estate in Alipore, Kolkata, is the largest library in India by volume, 14th in the list of largest libraries, and India's library of public record.

[3] [4] [5] It is under the Department of Culture, Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Government of India. The National library serves as a permanent repository of all reading and information material produced in India as well as printed material written by Indians and concerning India written by foreigners, where-ever published and in whatever language.

The National Library of India (formerly the Imperial Library) in Calcutta was founded in It is the largest library in India and holds a fine collection of rare books and manuscripts. It is the largest library in India and holds a fine collection of rare books and manuscripts.

Library and Information Science Education in India: In the early 19 th Century, young people learned librarianship by working under the more experienced practitioners. But, gradually the tasks performed by librarians became more complex and more dependent on technology.

"introduces the reader to the education system in India in terms of its structural features, its relations with society and culture, and the debates that have shaped the present-day policy ethos." Encyclopaedia of educational development / James C.

Laurence. New Delhi, India: Rajat Publications.

Write an account on library education in india
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